Hitting restart

Hello, in the past, I wrote, edited and published 3 short stories and a novel. However since the┬ábeginning of the year I have been feeling, for lack of a better word, ‘lost’.

Lost because I’m doubting my own writing abilities, I’m doubting how good the published works are because of a lack of sales. Just a lot of doubt in general and I figure if I’m doubting my abilities and the books then they’re likely not good enough right now. I’m still going to be writing, but, for now, I have unpublished all the books in favour of doing some more studying and trying to improve my skills as a writer.

I want to be better and I will be. I want to give people something exciting to read that will have them telling their friends about it and right now I don’t feel like my work is there.

This is where this site comes into play, it allows my rambles to be shown the world. The ups and downs of being a writer and the creative flow it encourages. Follow my rambles with me!