The writing blogs I recommend you follow

The writing blogs I recommend you follow

I’m a little biased when I choose other bloggers to follow because I don’t like websites that look too ‘business’ like rather than personal to each individual. I, myself have a website that shows a lot about me (inside joke if you read this post) and I feel like that’s what makes an impact on me as a writer and equally as a reader. Writers continuing to seem human. So, as a result, there may be a few popular blogs that you may not see on this list but the list is my own and I feel like everyone on this list deserves a place.

K.M Allen

Top of my list is K.M Allen, a Young Adult author with a diploma in Creative Writing. I’ve been following her advice since I first began writing and still keep up to date on any new posts. Her posts are easy to understand and filled with helpful knowledge, guides and assistance as well as the occasional push into reality such as this post here.

Little Fears

Another one I’ve been following since I started writing is Little Fears. Something a little different in the way of whimsical characters, small stories and theatrical humour. These make for great little reads to pop into your inbox each morning. Better yet, if you’re a fan of the ‘Little Fears’ then there’s also merchandise available of the characters. My personal favourite is Lucy.

A Writer’s Path

One I’ve been following for a good while now. The Writer’s Path by Ryan Lanz focuses on sharing writing tips, information and advice. There’s also a writer’s club you can sign up for to get plenty of benefits. They have certainly helped me along the way and I still read there posts regularly. One of my favourites is ‘Writers: Don’t get trapped by Social Media‘.

The Artist’s Road

Patrick has done a lot. He’s a journalist, he’s won awards for his writing and has even created a memoir. He’s done a bit of everything but his focus is currently on writing an urban fantasy novel which I will certainly be keeping an eye out for. He posts some really helpful blogs for new writers as well as a lot of posts that focus somewhat on the mental health aspect of writing and how the two are connected such as in his post ‘Giving yourself permission to write

Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle is a literary agent that loves everything to do with books. She coaches as well as posting regular blogs. Her advice comes from experience and knowledge of the industry and she offers a different perspective on some things such as her post ‘Let your agent be the bad guy


Ali is a family lady with a keen eye for writing and helping others to succeed. She offers online courses, advice and guidance. A great blogger to keep an eye out for more of the technical sides of writing. If you sign up to her subscriber list you can get a weekly article to assist you and your pen. One of my recent favourites of her is ‘Should you keep writing even if it’s not fun anymore‘.

Chuck Wendig: TerribleMinds

I love the quirky personality and humour of Chuck. His site is a great example of someone who really is in tune with themselves and that shows through there writing and blogging. There’s plenty of free stories on his site to have a read through and he offers a realistic approach to writing in his blogs with a mix of everyday life, experience and even the occasional recipe. Subscribe to Chuck for a nice mix of personal life and writing career.

Putting my feet in the dirt

A dark perspective blog . This is a fairly new blog on the scene that offers short stories, writing prompts and general perspectives. My personal favourites are the writing prompts. There’s also a clever option on the navigation bar to allow you to ‘read a random post’, things like that really stick out in my mind. The sit is also beautiful. Definately worth checking out.

A book. A thought.

Simple in it’s design but beautiful and authentic. This is the blog you go to when you’re looking for some new reads. The blog focuses on book reviews and some of them I’ve happily added to my Goodreads want list as a result of this site.


Irevuo has a bit of everything for the writer. It’s a basic blog website but offers plenty of insight and help to any budding, professional of experience writers alike. there’s also quotes of the day which are always a pleasing, mindful read.

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    1. No problem! They’re wonderful to follow and I look forward to the latest snippets in my inbox everyday. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. Oh yes very much so! No need to thank, it’s well deserved. I can tell you take a lot of time and dedication to work on your posts. They still continue to help me often so I thank you for that.

  1. OMG, thank you SO much for including my blog in your list, your words mean a lot to me and I’m glad you check my blog for new readings, that makes me happy šŸ˜Š . I hope you have a fantastic month šŸ’•

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