Living in Limbo – prologue

Living in Limbo – prologue

It all started with one person. There must have been someone who started it all or was the first to notice. The first to experience the nightmare. It wasn’t long before other people noticed too. Doctors, nurses, family, friends. It was on the TV and in the media. “Hell on earth” “Alive forever”. The headlines were hilarious. But, there was no humour involved and no pranks to announce. It was real yet unfathomable.

Zale can recall the first story he heard. It was midday and the TV was on. He remembers the rain pattering on the windows as he served up his lunch of leftover pizza. Something he ate all too often with no fear of the obesity he will likely be battling against in later life. It’s strange the things you remember. Zale remembers how good that pizza tasted. He remembers yelling at his little sister for being too loud playing with her ponies. She’s wasn’t too loud, he was just an ass. He resented her. His parents spent most of their time yelling at him for wasting his life. No job, no girl, no house. He spent most of his days looking after his sister while they were at work. It’s baffling how in there late 40’s his parents managed to have another kid. People probably assumed that he was Annie’s dad. Sometimes he felt like it. What would they do if he did get a job anyway? They don’t have the money to pay for childcare. He was helping them by staying home and feeding her the healthy crap that was already prepped in tubs in the fridge. His thoughts were so pronounced and important at the time. Now they are his nightmares, his fear, and his guilt. He was binging on his last mouthful of pizza as he was flicking through the TV when for some reason unbeknown to him, he stopped on the news channel and there it was. The headlines “People not dying” “Riots” Stay in your homes”. He should have paid more attention to it. He should have done something as soon as he saw the news. If he had only packed up their things, headed straight out of town or found somewhere safe and barricaded themselves in. Then they might still be alive. He could have done so much more. If only he had known. Only he didn’t have anything other than a feeling of worthless sorrow for himself and his leftover pizza. As soon as he realized what was happening it was wasted effort to try and change it.

His parents called him Zale, it’s a strong name and means power of the sea. Only Zale has never been able to swim and that day he wasn’t strong. They pulled his little sister out of his grasp and corned his parents. He ran without looking back.

Now he was alone in this hell on earth. 

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