Writing – 9 Awesome Things About Being A Writer

Recently I talked about the things I hate about writing so, I guess you could imagine what was coming next. Despite all the hard parts, the hair pulling and the frustrations, I love what I do.

1. Being my own boss
I am not a people person, not at all. I like being on my own, in fact, I enjoy it and crave it. So, I always hated having to go to work and be around people for the day in a job that I hated. The work gossip and the indefinite stream of ‘small talk’, it’s like a trap you can’t break free from until the clock tells you, you can go home. Then it repeats. It’s both daunting every night and draining every day. Being your own boss has its challenges but the rewards significantly outweigh for me.

2. The community
From the very beginning, I have found writing communities to be one of the most rewarding and friendly I’ve known. No matter how far you’re on your journey, as soon as you get excited about something and tell people, they get excited too. You have a little family that stands by you, helps you when you need it but congratulates you at the end of it. You also learn the meaning of the term ‘constructive criticism’ at a very early stage. If you embrace that, you grow.

3. Freedom over topics/strong>
Being a Self-Published writer -Rephrase, I was a Self-Published Writer who unpublished my books, I’m still a writer but currently, don’t have anything published due to reworks –  I can write what I want when I want. All the topics of conversation we wouldn’t think to talk about or tell to other people as if they were secrets. I can literally talk like an open book. This also means that I can create whoever I want. Everything from someone with mental health problems, serial killers or someone becoming a hero to the human race.

You can talk about anything you want, granted, you will get backlash. It won’t be all rosy and rainbows but it feels good to be able to talk about deep stuff sometimes. Writers will often try to place these topics into their writing in more subtle ways, either by opinionated characters or events in the plot.

4. A purpose
Writing gives me a purpose. It allows my creativity to flow whilst being unhindered and uncontrolled, to an extent. Somewhat like journaling, being a writer allows me to process my thoughts and feelings and sometimes even project them onto my characters. It allows you to take a step back from a situation whilst also being in control of it. Words are all you need to be the god of your own world and it’s very existence. That’s an amazing feeling.

5. An explosive idea
Every once in a while you get that idea, maybe it starts as a little spark. Most of the time those sparks just fizzle out and become dust to cover the pages in your brain, but, sometimes that spark turns into an explosion of creativity that twists and turns through the pages and creates something special. That idea becomes your whole existence until you get everything written down. That’s creativity like no other.

6. Character attachment
Through your development of the characters in your book, you act more as the messenger or the ‘narrator’. Your job is to write what they do but a good character has complete control over the story and plot. They control how they behave in situations and for the most part become a person within the pages. The writer is just telling the audience what that person does. So, it’s a given, that when your characters die or something terrible happens to them, or, even if you finish the book, it’s sad. You can feel like you’ve lost a friend just as a reader does. You become attached to the people you create on a more, somewhat potent level.

7. Publishing
The feeling of accomplishment and utter relief when you hit that publish button is like no other. You have worked your butt off writing that book, article or blog post for so long that when it’s done you have a whole moment of glorified happiness before you realize that you then have to market said piece of writing.

8. Reviews
When I had my books published, getting those first reviews was a wonderful feeling of periodical happiness. As a writer, you often think about others reading your writing and their reactions, to read what those reactions are can be heartwarming. Don’t get me wrong, you also get bad reviews but you soon grow a thick skin as a writer and focus on the good ones more so.

9. Enjoyment
The biggest reason I love writing it because it allows me to see the world in a different light and makes me more grateful to be alive. You connect with so many emotions on paper that you appreciate what you have all the more. You finish writing a horror scene where someone dies and then smile as your other half walks into the room. I love that feeling of indulgence and pure gratitude.  Writing is like nothing else. You experience so many emotions in one day by writing a story that you haven’t necessarily experience and all from the comfort of your own home. I love what I do.

Tell me, what do you love about writing?

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