A Florist’s Dark Desires

I’m currently working through a short course with Open Learning titled ‘Start Writing Fiction’ I believe I already know the basics of writing pretty well but it’s good for a recap as a part of me trying to give my self a restart. It’s actually a lot of fun going back to basics and focusing more on just playing with words a little. This story took about 5 minutes to write.

I would love to hear what you think and any ways I can improve.

A Florist’s Dark Desires

Darla arranges the flower stems until perfect, the Roses romantic against the Dahlias, the Dahlias whimsical against the intricate detailing of the Iris’s and the Iris’s simple against the slender cleverness of the Tulips. Not perfect enough though. When a single petal falls from a rose, unable to hold on any longer, the vase is thrown against the nearest wall.

Breaking into shards of glass that Darla doesn’t rush to pick up. Her hands shake, and she struggles to control the anger bubbling away at the surface. She must make it perfect. Nothing out of place. Her anger is still uncontrolled, spinning around she guides her fist into the wall the vase hit moments earlier – water still lingers, sliding down the elegant gold wallpaper – and after three heavy-handed hits, she steps back and stares at the blank space. A water stain creates a circle on the paper and it’s peeled in a few places. Her hand is bleeding but she doesn’t feel the sting or the ache in her bones. Only the need for perfection.

Leaving the ugliness on the marked shop floor, Darla reaches for another Vase and starts over. Everything must be foolproof tonight, if just one iota of the plan is out of place then everything could collapse around her. Tonight is the night she can finally get her revenge on the man who hurt her but it has to be absolute in every detail. She imagines her husband laid in a pool of his own blood as she begins again, arranging the perfect flowers, now with a quaint smile on her parched lips once again.

Copyright, Charlie Wright. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “A Florist’s Dark Desires

  1. Charlie, I adore your dark mind, the naughty aspect of your writing, the wicked, sinful choice of words and imagry, but I think, sweetheart, you must focus and work on pinning down who the narrator is in your past writing and in your future works. I hope your dont feel your clawing nails, biting fangs or whiplash tongue for my comments. Emm.

      1. I see i have peed you off! iI’m sorry Charlie. What I mean is, who is telling the story and from what perspective? Emm.

        1. Lol I’m not peed off I promise. Just trying to understand 😉 I get straight to the point when I talk to people. I often change my perspective in writing as part of the enjoyment for writing. Many authors do the same rather than sticking to one perspective or one genre 🙂

  2. Well, I am besotted with your bewitching vista on life. You intrigue me. There is magic and mystery in those dark marble-like eyes of yours, and all the nightmares, fantasies or dreams any one could wish for or wish away, in your impish imagination. Adore it like mad. Emm.

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