Why I don’t have a schedule and why you shouldn’t work to one either.

Why I don’t have a schedule and why you shouldn’t work to one either.

This is something that I see a lot of bloggers get asked about, as a reader and a follower if you enjoy someone’s content it often becomes a thought in your mind that you wish they posted more often. You wish there was more to read and more to explore but some bloggers, YouTubers etc don’t have a schedule and I’m one of them.

Quality VS Quantity
If I write what I want, when I want then it’s going to be better quality. I can work on a blog post and get it to the level I want, do more research etc sometimes over the course of a couple of weeks. Whereas if I have a schedule I am more forced to try and think of something to write about which means it won’t be at the level I want it to be because it will be just that, forced. I find it a lot better to write about things as they’re fresh in my mind, as they approach my life and they give me something amazing to write about whether that’s a recipe, mental health, writing or my everyday life.

Recently I wrote a post about being in Solitary confinement because I watched a video about it on youtube. I wrote what I would say is a good insight into me and my life and it’s exactly what I wanted, I  had the motivation to write and was in the correct frame of mind to give it my all when I did which means it’s a great article over a good article.

Transfer this lesson
Not having a schedule isn’t just something I follow with the website. It’s something I follow through life. I spent many years having a plan and telling myself what I was going to do. It doesn’t always happen like that. I tried food plans, schedules for the day to help anxiety. Everything made me feel constrained and forced to do things which turned my favourite hobbies into chores.

On the other hand what I see as me being positive and motivated is allowing myself the freedom to do what I feel like doing. Not to the extent of wasting my day but in terms of writing for example. Some days I will work on my book, other days I will write varying topics on my website because it solely affected by how I’m feeling on that day.

This doesn’t work for everyone but it works perfectly for me. It allows my creativity to flow without hindrance which only increases my productivity and motivation, therefore allowing me to write more awesome content for you guys.

Would you agree?

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