Roe’s Indulgence

Roe’s Indulgence

Roe’s Indulgence
Watching the falling snowflakes forming mounds of white on the street. Roe takes a moment to reflect on her mood. Peaceful, in it’s simplest form. With nothing on her mind to distract and no tentacles of stress to entangle her. She felt free. A calming sense of tranquillity that only heightens her senses and gives her the push she needs to leave.

Roe takes a moment to look down at the body below. Bruises adorn her arms like a Dalmatian’s spot’s and her swollen eye reflects a dark shade of pain. Blood trickles from the wound, spilling out quite quickly onto the cold concrete. The sparkles on the floor are very pretty though. She looks all most like an art piece. Ready to be presented to the world. It’s only a shame that people won’t find her for a while. By the time they do she’s going to smell quite funny and have a few friends with her, making their home on her skin. A lesson to be learnt for next time.

Her mum always told her not to walk the streets at night alone. She was stupid to follow that shadow. She probably should have listened, or maybe her mum should have been more specific on the size of the shadows to watch out for. Maybe then it wouldn’t have given her that final push she needed over the old building.

Excited glee forms on Roes reddened lips. It’s such a beautiful snowy night. It always makes it so easy and yet, even more satisfying on nights like these. She gazes down at the deformed figure. Shattered glass surrounding her from the fall through the window, her blood spilling out like a river under the moon’s light. Stepping back away from the edge. Roe smiles.

‘It’s a nice night for another’ She tells herself as she steps away from the edge and heads into the night, leaving the girl below in search of another.

Roe loved being the shadow.

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